Tuesday, November 24, 2009

LF1M: healer

A new RPG comes out. Before you can start playing you'll have to decide what class you'll play. For Dragon Age my first choice was to create a DPS warrior. But I refrained from doing so as I had the perfect team in my mind: me tanking, a hot mage to AOE, a sexy nurse to heal and an even sexier rogue to DPS and open chests. Sounds like a good plan, no?

Of course things didn't go as planned. The first character I met was of course a tank which I couldn't replace fast enough. Then I meet misses DPS mage and misses rogue, both of which I'm still happy to have in my main team. I'm now forty hours in the game and my group of NPCs to choose from has tons of warriors. Me, Alistair, a giant with gray hair, the stone golem and a dwarf. Plus two rogues and even a dog who can DPS. And I only have one mage which is best suited for DPS. So I had to let my mage learn the healing skills a few hours into the game to continue playing comfortably. It's possible to play without if you create tons of potions but it doesn't feel like as much fun to me. Crafting one potion after another isn't very good for your wallet either.

Sure, I’ve now found a healer mage in, you’d never guess, the mage tower. But I’m already over forty hours in the game. Adding a healer a lot earlier in the game would have been great. Maybe even create a fourth healer class which is there for buffing, healing and CC.

I can't help but thinking that the game would have been a lot easier if I started at the mage tower first or played as a healer myself. Some people seem to think that the Spirit Healer specialization for mages is the best specialization there is. I'll see for myself now that I've added one to my party. And I've read quite a few posts saying that the mages are quite simply too good compared to the other classes. So in a way it's strange to let the difficulty of your game depend on a free, random choice the player makes at the beginning of the game. Start at the dwarven fortress, the elven forest or help out the humans? Pick well and your game will be easier.

But I admit it, the main reason I miss a healer is because I wanted to create a classic tank, mage dps, rogue dps, healer group. And that’s impossible with only one mage. If I'll one day replay the game on Hard I'll either start as a healer mage myself or start with the mage tower part. Every party needs a motherly healer!

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