Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Hello Goodbye

These days half the gaming world is playing Call of Duty 5 and the other half is playing Dragon Age. Eighty hours of entertainment for my €35 seems like a much better deal than €45 (€60 in a Belgian retail store...) for the four hours CoD promises so my choice is obvious. So far I've put about fifteen hours in the game and I'm greatly enjoying the experience. There are of course always some complaints...

After a few hours of playing I am finding it strange how Bioware manages to disconnect me from the worlds characters. After a few minutes of playing I got my first companion. One hour later the poor guy is being thrown in the towns deepest dungeon. No problem I thought, I'll just go ahead and slaughter the entire prison guard staff to rescue him! Nobody messes with me. Alas no such options pops up. Hopefully I can go back and save him later on in the game.

Instead of saving my buddy I went off to become a Grey Warden! And hey, I get three new companions so we can together prove our worth. I start to ask them some questions and get to know them better. One guy is missing his girlfriend back home. The poor fella, we'll get you home soon. Of course thirty minutes later he's laying before my feet with a sword in his heart...

Next I'm traveling with "Tower Guard" and "Circle Mage". I didn't really expect them to stay with me throughout the game. Having one of those names would mean they'd get bullied by my companions with real names for the rest of the game. So it didn't come as a surprise that thirty minutes later both of them got an arrow through their hearts. For some reason I'm spared. I bet Tower Guard and Circle Mage now wished they had chosen a proper name.

My character seems to be cursed! Everyone I meet dies less then hour later. Maybe it's best not take any companions just to be safe?

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